Hello & thanks for stopping by!

I love fiber arts and I hope you do, too! I started the MountGigantic blog to share every aspect of my knitting & spinning passion. I publish my own patterns, share what’s on my needles & document tips & techniques I learn along the way, as well as sharing the tragedies that befall my knitting sometimes (too much coffee & too little sleep is not good for yarn). I sell my patterns on Ravelry and my knitted items on Etsy. I also try to do as many art/craft fairs as I can. I even started one of my own (the Handmade Art Market) as a way to branch out & meet crafters of other mediums.

I taught myself how to knit while working at a coffee shop in the middle of Wyoming. Spinning has also been taking up a bit of my time for the last couple of years and I would not trade my wheel for anything in the world…well, maybe a couple of sheep 🙂

I’ve called several different places home: Indianapolis, Seattle, Fargo, Lander (WY) and Bloomington (MN). Most recently, I lived in the UK from June 2010 to April 2011, but now I’m happy to say I’m back in the Twin Cities!

I’m also:  painter, printmaker, autodidact, vegetarian

Things I like:
dogs, wool, squirrels, history, books, coffee, art, things that smell nice, walking, bussing & biking

Things I don’t particularly care for: (most)vintage clothing, leftover food, Mac computers, dreary winters, driving on freeways


One Response to About

  1. Hello! I’m organizing “The handmade christmas– craft show” dec 3rd in st paul.

    Love for you to apply if you’re able!

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